Identifying Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

There are many generally accepted behaviors and exchanges between people in a committed relationship that are oftentimes, in reality, very problematic and unacceptable. Overprotecting, vigilant, dominant, overbearing, and controlling personality traits or behaviors are often interpreted as positive, such as the abuser doing what they do "out of care/love" for their partner. Of course, there are [...]

How to Support A Friend Experiencing Abuse

It is believed that one in every four women will experience domestic violence. These are tragic statistics, but I hope and believe one day those numbers will change for the better. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so let's take this time to delve into the issue. You or someone you know may experience [...]

Get Smart About Social Media Depression

We’re the internet generation. We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and all the rest. We read BuzzFeed, have YouTube vlogs, create memes, take selfies, and google everything. We’ve given new meanings to #, like, friend, tweet, and favorite. And in some ways, this is pretty freaking amazing. We are so much more aware [...]

12 Tips for Real Life Roommate Dilemmas

Whether you have siblings and are used to sharing space or not, having roommates will definitely have some ups and downs. Roommates can ultimately be friends for life, people you don’t want to be associated with anymore or anywhere in between. Some friendly tips for dealing with roommates are: Although this may be obvious, if [...]

Breakups to Breakthroughs

Whether you see it coming or it happens out of nowhere, a breakup can shake you to your core. A shock wave floods your body and you become numb to the world around you. You're hyper-focused on your internal pain, your ego screams out for justice, and your heart is in ruins. Pages upon pages [...]

The Great Debate: Men and Women – Pals?

  College and 20Something-dom can be a tricky place to navigate friendships with guys. Having gone to school in the South, for the most part girls are looking for their MRS, and the guys… well let’s just say they sought out something a little more casual. In college, it seems that everyone is a “potential [...]

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The Get Smart GUY: We are NOT afraid to go there! #nofear14

How it all started.... It was summer 2013 and I was embarking on a brand new life! I had just started Get Smart Mentoring with my former student, Alexa Maniaci and began my first job as an internal consultant. Life has a way of bringing you the right minds and hearts at exactly the right [...]

#GetSmartNOW #4OthersThursday: Let it OUT!

Let it OUT! A lot of stress in people’s lives comes from the frustrations of having broken relationships with family, friends, or significant others.  The first instinct is to bottle up all of your feelings until you explode.  My advice to everyone dealing with a broken relationship is to just let it all out.  Write [...]

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Heartbreak’s Final Lesson: Completion!

I took a bit of a hiatus from heartbreak lesson series and then a friend asked me..."What happened to the heartbreak series...how does it END?" It occurred to me in that moment that my writing for the past several weeks has brought me to a beautiful place that is available for each and every person [...]

Heartbroken Miracles Lesson 4: DRIVE & WRITE!

This lesson's explanation came to me as I was driving. Therefore I have literally exited route 95 in middle of  Connecticut. I am sitting in a Lowe's parking lot to impart it to whoever might need to hear it. As I drove today I was reminded of the many road trips I took in my [...]