Back to school! Do’s and Don’ts

Well hello there my lovelies! It's that time of year again. The weather starts to slowly change, days get a little shorter, and Target and KMart start putting out their ridiculous back to school commercials. But, we must be prepared! Because as slow as we all wished this summer would go, back to school time [...]

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Reflections on Miley

As I arrived home from a weekend at the beach this past Sunday my Facebook was blowing up with comments expressing shock, awe, and disgust about Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMA's. Without having watched it live, the reaction of Will Smith & Co alone spoke volumes. This morning a good friend also posted an [...]

Getting Smart: Authenticity for Teens & College Students

Hi ladies! Is that little voice in your head JUDGING you over and over. That is so boring. Bump it up a notch and get smart and get EXTRAORDINARY with us! Our first guiding principle of what it means to GET SMART is to BE AUTHENTIC. We are really specific about what this means and [...]

Getting Smart: AUTHENTICITY for 20Somethings

Hi lovelies! 20Somethings are near and dear to my heart. The 20's are a fabulous time of self-discovery. In fact some adult development theorists suggest that the biggest shift in identity is between the ages of 20-27. Our first guiding principle of what it means to GET SMART is to BE AUTHENTIC. We are really [...]

Veggin’ Out: Is it for you?

As many of you may know the ratio of carnivores vs. herbivores in the world today is extreme. Majority of the world’s population chooses to be meat eaters for any number of diverse reasons.  Whether it has to do with loving the taste of meat, being raised without exposure to any other option, thinking vegetarianism is [...]

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Well hello lovelies! I cannot believe the time of year is here that we actually must start to embrace this topic. It's back to school time! There are two reactions to this time of year, and they go a little something like this..."yay!" or..."ugh, can you not?". Here's the thing. If you go into the [...]

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Heartbroken Miracles Lesson 5: WORKOUT!

If I could tell you the single thing that has kept me going since last November it has been living next door to my gym. There is no excuse you can really come up with when you are a 5 minute walk or 60 second drive to the nearest fitness facility. A broken heart releases [...]

What does it mean to GET SMART?

Get Smart was born with the purpose of young women being able to fully actualize themselves and all of their potential. After spending 10 years working day in and day out with thousands of young women I saw what made them come alive, what developed them into the best version of themselves. As an educator [...]

Defining Failure & Your Personal Brand

Failure is inevitable. It's how we respond to it that defines who we are. When it comes to building a personal brand, it is always about promoting those things we want people to know about us. If you want people to identify you as disciplined and passionate, or maybe funloving and easygoing, you have to [...]

Heartbroken Miracles Lesson 4: DRIVE & WRITE!

This lesson's explanation came to me as I was driving. Therefore I have literally exited route 95 in middle of  Connecticut. I am sitting in a Lowe's parking lot to impart it to whoever might need to hear it. As I drove today I was reminded of the many road trips I took in my [...]