Keep Calm? Ok. Sure.

Picking ourselves up and staying there After we have endured something that has weighed us down for so long there comes a point when you are more than ready to put it behind you.  It’s hard to imagine what the next step should be.  Falling down over and over seems like a pattern that will [...]

Simple Fall Makeup!

Simple Fall Makeup Hello lovelies! I know when it starts to get cold, we just want to bundle up in the morning, and not put on makeup. I have a simple, quick eye makeup look for you beautiful girls to get you up and ready, and looking spectacular for this season! I use the Urban [...]

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Positive Self-Talk: Weird or Amazing?

Look -- a leaping girl! It's nearly impossible to stare at your Facebook feed and not see some inspirational quote with a girl jumping into mid-air by the beach. "Be like this girl - free and awesome all the time!" I am a quote junkie, and these snippets of time where we actually [...]

Heartbreak’s Final Lesson: Completion!

I took a bit of a hiatus from heartbreak lesson series and then a friend asked me..."What happened to the heartbreak series...how does it END?" It occurred to me in that moment that my writing for the past several weeks has brought me to a beautiful place that is available for each and every person [...]

Get SMART Habits for Healthy Eating!

When you hear the word “habit”, you most likely think about the bad ones.. biting your nails, devouring an entire sleeve (or two) of oreos, or checking your texts/email/twitter/instagram/ Facebook every 5 minutes (yeah, I know you…).  But a Get Smart Gal knows that the key to staying on track to live a healthy lifestyle is [...]

Introducing Kelly ~ Mentor for College Students

In today’s crazy world, sometimes you just need a place to gather your thoughts and get some down-to-earth advice and ideas from people who have been where you are. Not everyone has a consistent mentor or role model, so Get Smart is here to provide that support system we need as we go through the [...]

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College Freshman Tips 101

12 Tips for Incoming Freshmen Because classes are underway and you don’t have time to read that “Going to College” book you got for graduation.  1.     Get involved! This is the best and easiest way to meet new people. Check out your school’s bulletin boards, chalk ads on the sidewalks, and social media for information [...]

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6 tips for beating back to school STRESS!

With the school year just starting, we are often stressing out, whether it be about  our parents, grades, GPAs, SATS (if you are a junior), life choices, colleges, making the right decisions, or sports. Some of us didn’t even start yet and already feel the pressure and the stress hitting us. I was thinking the [...]

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Kate & Steph’s “Top 40” Weight Loss Adventure!

Get Smart and FITspired with us! "Champions are born in the last lap." ~ someone inspiring Hi everyone! This is Steph, the Executive Director of Get Smart. I am SUPER excited to be taking on this weight loss journey with the AMAZING Kate! Kate and I have already lost a lot of weight in the [...]