12 Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Because classes are underway and you don’t have time to read that “Going to College” book you got for graduation.

 1.     Get involved!

This is the best and easiest way to meet new people. Check out your school’s bulletin boards, chalk ads on the sidewalks, and social media for information on how to join in. Keep in mind that some organizations are found as actual classes you have to register for.  I signed up for choir- and got class credit for it!

2.     Stay active

Nobody wants to gain the “Freshman 15”. Visit your university’s fitness center and don’t be afraid to sign up for group fitness classes. You’ll have fun, and get a good workout, too!

3.     Take a multivitamin

Whether you realize it or not, your body will be under stress adjusting to a new environment and schedule. A multivitamin is a great way to boost your immune system to keep you going throughout the year.

4.     Get some ZzZs.

I know… you already know. But a quality sleep schedule will help during those all-nighters you pull trying to finish that paper the night before it’s due.

5.     Speaking of all nighters…invest in a coffee pot

It’ll save you money and calories that Starbucks won’t.

6.     Get to know your professors.

This is one of the things I majorly regret not doing. You may have them for an upper-level class 2 years from now, and establishing a relationship will only benefit you. They come in handy for test and paper prep (and recommendation letters, too!)

group of young women on coffee break

7.     Get to know your campus.

Nobody likes carrying around a campus map. In your free time, walk around campus with a friend or two and explore. Not only is it great exercise, but you’ll find shortcuts, quiet spots to study, and places you didn’t see at orientation. I found that my university had over 300 practice rooms in the College of Music that are open to students.

8.     Get to know your city.

For those times when you just need a break, exploring around town will help you learn the ins and outs of the city your university is in.

9.     Be safe.

In addition to the tips you got at orientation, don’t leave things lying around in your car. Break-ins are common and they happen when you least expect it. I had far too many friends who had this happen to them because they left their iPod out or their purse on the seat.

10.  Pinch pennies.

It’s hard not to hit the mall when you see your bank account balance when financial aid disperses. Create a budget; it’s important to spend wisely so you’re not broke come December. Trust me, an extra five bucks will come in handy when you’re scrounging for caffeine during finals week.

11.  Don’t go crazy.

Remember: everything in moderation. Work hard, but treat yourself when you deserve it

12.  HAVE FUN!

College is the time when you learn who you really are and find out what you’re capable of. Don’t be afraid to try new things and go out of your comfort zone. The best thing about universities? They’re the ultimate judge-free zone. Be yourself!


These next 4 years will fly by- cherish them while you can.