With the school year just starting, we are often stressing out, whether it be about  our parents, grades, GPAs, SATS (if you are a junior), life choices, colleges, making the right decisions, or sports. Some of us didn’t even start yet and already feel the pressure and the stress hitting us. I was thinking the other day “Wow, I’m a junior.” At that moment, I realized I need to wake up and pull myself together. I need to focus this year, but how do I still stay confident with all this stress and pressure about getting into the colleges I want?

Of course you need to do your homework and study, but if you’re really starting to stress then you need to stop for a few minutes and compose yourself. Here are a few more tips for starting the school year off SMART!

Mentors Make Things Happen

  1. Step away from the homework and take a breather. Listen to two relaxing songs or take a walk around the block, but remember you can’t forget about the homework or studying.  Put a time limit on it and stick to it – don’t let that break end up lasting the whole night!
  2. Don’t study with your phone next to you and don’t study while texting or going on Facebook or twitter etc. Put it somewhere away from you or shut it off if its getting you distracted.
  3. Remember to try your hardest! You are smart! You CAN do this. If you tell yourself you can’t then your setting yourself up for failure and being upset. It is hard whether it’s your junior year in high school or your senior year in college; it’s going to be hard before it gets easier.
  4. If you really don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help. Shoot them an email and tell them you don’t understand the homework, but don’t just send the email because your too lazy to do the homework – actually try and put in some effort. Even if you think it is wrong at least you can go in with something on your paper and your teacher can see what it is your getting confused about
  5. Always remember that schoolwork comes before the sports. Trust me, I know how annoying it is to come home from practice or a game and have to do your homework or study. If you are feeling the stress pile up on you, tell your coach. A good coach will understand!
  6. Listen to your MOM! – My mom always tells me its mind over matter. Your mind controls your body. If you are stressing, it’s going to stress out your body. If you tell yourself, “you got this, stay focused, you’re going to get that A” chances are your going to get that A, as long as you study!