Whether you’re living with one, two, or three other people, living with someone else can be exciting...and challenging. Because everyone’s living situation is different, I thought I’d share my own experiences and the things I learned from them. My freshman year, I lived with two different girls because my first roommate transferred after our first [...]

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Midterm Stress Busters

With the school year under way and events like Homecoming and Halloween right around the corner, it’s no surprise that agendas and to-do lists are overflowing. Don’t let the stress of midterms get you down. The fall season is too beautiful to sweat the small stuff.   1. Plan accordingly. I’m guilty of procrastinating and [...]

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No worries: Teen Tips for stopping the crazy train!

Over the past couple of years I have noticed something, girls worry about a lot of things, especially me. Some days (not all!) my list looks like this: Boys Looks Having to impress others/ not doing things for myself Come on girls; let’s be real here, if you say you haven’t worried about at least [...]

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Get SMART with Project Ladybug on 11/11/13!

As some of you may know my mother, Dina Manzo, started her own non-profit foundation in 2007, Project Ladybug, to help children suffering with cancer. It’s a foundation very dear to my heart and I am extremely passionate about raising as much money as possible for these children. Through my volunteering with Project Ladybug I [...]

My top 5 in college essentials!

Hello lovelies! So there's a lot of thought that goes into packing for college. Now that we're in the full swing of the semester, we may be realizing how many random little things we need. Typically, my mom does the shopping at home. Which means if I need something really random and silly, it's typically [...]

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Introducing the Interview Ready Series

Hey Ladies! I am extremely excited about introducing this new series here at Get Smart Mentoring with you, the Interview Ready Series. I think it’s extremely important to be comfortable and confident during the employment hunt process. There are some pretty simple but effective steps that you can take to move forward as a strong [...]

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Month 1: Kate & Steph drop 8.8 lbs WOO!

Month 1 Update In case you missed our first post -- we are losing 20 lbs each by Christmas! Month 1 has been an exciting challenge for both of us but we are committed to CRUSHING 40 lbs just in time for Santa to fill our stockings with...carrots? Oh well we are psyched and happy [...]

Are you a Get Smart “Quotinista?”

How many times have you popped onto Facebook or Twitter in a down moment and seen a quote that snapped you out of your funk? I have always been a  lover of words. Constructing them together in a way that moves others is a gift we give to the world. Being an agent of change, [...]