Month 1 Update

In case you missed our first post — we are losing 20 lbs each by Christmas! Month 1 has been an exciting challenge for both of us but we are committed to CRUSHING 40 lbs just in time for Santa to fill our stockings with…carrots? Oh well we are psyched and happy to be taking this journey to the Get Smart community so you know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!


Update from Kate – Down 4.8 lbs

Hey everyone!  I am thrilled to report that after a month of hard work, I am down 4.8 pounds! (yes, every ounce counts!)  It was definitely not that easy, and it is only going to get harder for the following reasons: 1. October = Halloween, 2. November = Turkey Day, 3. December = Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Eve!  A dieter’s 3 worst enemies!  But not to worry… Steph and I will be sharing our tips and strategies as to how we will not only win the battles, but DOMINATE the war!  Here is how I am going to take on enemy #1, October:

1. Eat extremely well during the week, and have a “cheat” on the weekends.

2. Drink lots and lots of water to feel fuller and, therefore, have less cravings.

3. When trick-or-treating comes around, set a limit to the (small) number of treats I will allow myself

Update from Steph – Down 4 lbs

Four pounds. It doesn’t seem like a lot but when you fight for each one the feeling is amazing. September was difficult. Building Get Smart and working for various clients of mine takes me all over the place. I think Panera is ready to sell me stock in the company – but luckily I never ONCE bought a pastry treat!! Here is what I want to share about going forwrd!

1. STRENGTH TRAIN. I got my butt kicked by fitness guru Rupa Mehta. Her incredible exercise program called The Nalini Method. Excercise is an art when you let it transform not only your body, but your mind and spirit. Special thanks to Rupa and her incredible blend of pilates, yoga, strength training and more! Check them out on the UWS of Manhattan!

2. COUNT EVERY CALORIE. I use the FREE My Fitness Pal ap and I count every darn thing I put in my mouth — IT WORKS.

3. NEVER ever ever stop believing in the infinite power of your strongest self. We are meant to be the healthiest versions of who we are so that we might contribute to a world in need! Your greatness benefits more than just your individual life. You are meant to SHINE. Do it.


Hold us accountable!  Motivate us by commenting on our progress, sending us messages, or writing for us- telling us YOUR tips, motivators, ANYTHING that keeps you fitspired!  We would LOVE to hear from you!