Identifying Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

There are many generally accepted behaviors and exchanges between people in a committed relationship that are oftentimes, in reality, very problematic and unacceptable. Overprotecting, vigilant, dominant, overbearing, and controlling personality traits or behaviors are often interpreted as positive, such as the abuser doing what they do "out of care/love" for their partner. Of course, there are [...]

My FitnessPal can be your BFF

Our generation of millennials is always being criticized for spending too much time on our phones and not enough time on being “productive”. Technology always seems to be an excuse as to why people never go outside anymore; and we tend to always be stuck behind a screen of some sort. Ironically, my smartphone was what [...]

How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Food

As many are aware, last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Aside from clinically diagnosed eating disorders, I want to bring attention to the umbrella term of “disordered eating,” a phenomenon that has become the norm. Whether you’ve struggled with an eating disorder or not, you need to read on, because this applies to [...]

Get Smart and Get Back on Track

Do you ever feel like you’re trying so hard to get back to your pre-college weight but nothing seems to be working? From juice cleanses to two-a-days at the gym, is nothing getting you to where you want to be? Well, you guessed it, there’s an app for that! MyFitnessPal is an app that is [...]

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The Attitude of Healthy Changes

When starting college, there’s always a plethora of stereotypical stories we hear about the excitement that is freshman year. Before you know it, you’re in a new world full of changes; new people from different walks of life, rush week, events from clubs of all kinds, parties, sports, campus-life, and of course, keeping up your [...]

Finals Frenzy

Finals week haunts every student's mind, especially as it comes closer. Once May hits, so does all of the work, and end-of-year parties or events. There is usually a lot of school work that students push off while looking forward to formals, proms, and vacation. By putting off all the work, students can become more [...]

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Eight Simple Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

In today's fast moving world, we barely have any time to stop and breathe. We're constantly on the run to achieve our goals. And in the process, might even forget to take care of ourselves or look after ourselves like we should. I, sometimes, end up skipping meals and workouts and giving up on sleep [...]

Eating After Your Eating Disorder

When I was in college (British college, that is—Americans, you'd call it your junior and senior years of high school), I started vomiting from stress. For a few months, I would regularly have to run out of my classes and exams, be sent home early, and take mildly effective anti-nausea tablets. I was very lucky. [...]

How To: Maintain a Healthy Relationship in College

Maintaining a relationship in college can seem like a struggle when you’re doing school work, working a job, and getting involved with extracurriculars. Relationships happen when you least expect them! Attending a talk on campus or taking part in a community service day can help you meet somewhere outside of your usual circle. I have [...]

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5 Reasons Why Skinny Shaming Is a Real Thing

Unfortunately, skinny shaming is a real thing...and here's why: 1. Because telling someone who’s skinny to "eat a cheeseburger" is the same as telling a heavy person to "put down the fork." An insult is an insult, and referring to someone’s body, as "a stick" isn’t pleasing to hear. Telling someone, “if you turned sideways [...]