Opinions Without Pi Are Onions

Opinions without Pi are onions. Onions have layers to them just like the people in the world. As we grow up, we begin to understand that what others believe, may not be what we should believe. That’s how opinions are grown. People’s opinions are like flowers in the garden; some are purple and some are [...]

Get Smart with Devyn about #GivingTuesday

Think about a person who has encouraged you, inspired you, and motivated you when no one else did. Someone you look up to for guidance. Remember in elementary school when we gave teachers thank you gifts? It was in appreciation for their kindness, knowledge and for never giving up on their students. Think about Sundays [...]

Get Smart with Nicole on #GivingTuesday

Thanksgiving is a day of unity; It brings people together. It is one of the only days of the year most Americans get the day off to celebrate one's gifts and that does not factor in religion. I say most because some are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days that offer the [...]

Get Smart with Charlotte about #GivingTuesday

We show up to our favorite stores for Black Friday, we browse for good finds on Cyber Monday, but is there a moment when we step back and truly think of what we are thankful for this season? On Giving Tuesday, we are presented with the challenge of thinking for others. There are people, causes, [...]

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Get Smart with Shradha about #GivingTuesday

On one hand there is Black Friday, where we indulge in really crazy deals, sales and absolute chaos. Then there is Cyber Monday, where we are absorbed into the virtual world of discounts and sales. But now there is a new and much more rewarding event that has come our way–Giving Tuesday! For obvious reasons, [...]

Get Smart: Be Allies, Not Enemies

As women, we have enough to worry about on a daily basis without also worrying about being stabbed in the back by other women. Instead of trying to compete with each other and bringing each other down, we should be helping our fellow women to achieve their goals and boost their confidence. Having Each Other’s [...]