Heartbroken Miracles Lesson 3: Visit San Diego, CA!

San Diego Skyline Lesson 3 may be a stretch, but there are a few ways you can amend it! This lesson is one that I learned many years ago. When I was about 13 years old I visited San Diego, California for the first time. I didn’t understand why I felt so alive [...]

A Case for the All-Women College Experience

“Our experiences influence the person we become.” What – NO GUYS? When the time came to reveal to my friends that I would be attending a small, private, Catholic women’s university, many of them made fun of me. They were confused as to why I wouldn’t want to experience the “traditional” college experience. My friends [...]

Top 5 Signs Your Friend is TRUE BLUE.

Friendships in high school can be rough, unless you’ve stayed friends with the same people since elementary school. This is possible, but not everyone stays friends with the same exact people from elementary school to high school. Even if they do, new friends come in and out. We are always faced with the challenge of [...]

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Shop confidently.

Hello lovelies, So as you may or may not know, I will be picking up and leaving from my little town on Long Island and moving to North Carolina to finish my bachelors degree in about, 45 days...but who is counting? Here's the thing, the college that I will be attending this fall has a [...]

Heartbroken Miracles Lesson 2: CRY!

You did not misread this. The worst thing you can do when your heart has been broken is to pretend otherwise. Think of your heart like a delicate piece of beautifully blown glass. Who goes around pretending something that has been smashed is totally in tact? Healthy denial can help right in the beginning, but [...]

Be Your Own Best Friend: Help People See the Best In You By Seeing the Best In Yourself

One thing that I really enjoy doing is being able to introduce “new friends” to “old friends." It can be very exciting; to introduce people who you care about to each other and watch them hit it off. It is a great feeling to bring the people that you care about together, even if it’s [...]

A Journey To Guatemala: Part 2

Welcome to part two of my experience in Guatemala this summer. If you missed part one, please click here. Simple Joys ...After I blew bubbles with Maria, children started coming by and saying hello. My sister, cousin, and I then decided we should get the lollipops, candy and toys out we brought before hoping there [...]

Heartbroken Miracles: Lesson 1

I know I know, its summer and who wants to hear about heartbreak? I have been thinking about starting this series for a while and today I had the urge to start to offer it to the Get Smart community. I have come to realize in recent months after a truly unexpected and crazy pants [...]

Articulating Reasoning Behind Your Passion

Ladies, It's so important to understand what motivates you. Being able to articulate the reasons why you're passionate about your career, hobby, and interests, will help you tap into the confidence that you need to accept and conquer challenges. Four a.m. one Thursday morning, as I drove through curvy Rockland County to drop off some [...]

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BRB: The teen dating dilemma!

Crushes in high school are fun and crazy, but what makes crushes worse are social networking sites. You look on facebook to see if the persons in a relationship. Then you go on twitter and look at their bio to see if it says single or in a relationship too, but there could always be [...]

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