Perfect Not Perfect

  There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically. For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make a “perfect” meal and dress up with my hair not frizzy and out--it's natural texture. In comparison, guys are told they [...]

Opinions Without Pi Are Onions

Opinions without Pi are onions. Onions have layers to them just like the people in the world. As we grow up, we begin to understand that what others believe, may not be what we should believe. That’s how opinions are grown. People’s opinions are like flowers in the garden; some are purple and some are [...]

Roommate Survival: 101

Going off to college as a freshman may seem like one of the biggest transitions that you will make in your early life. And in a way, it is! From leaving behind your friends and family to adjusting to the idea that you will not come home to a freshly cooked meal every night, the [...]

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Three Easy Steps to Staying Positive in Your 20’s

Being a young adult is hard and that is no exaggeration. There’s so much pressure to follow societal norms but to also be unique butterflies. We need to get our act together and somehow become self-actualized human beings. The struggle to find time to love ourselves and be meaningful in our actions is difficult when [...]

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Positivity for Every Body

I am chubby. Always have been, probably always will be. I was born chubby, I grew up chubby. I am chubby. I’ve never lived life skinny, or knowing what it’s like to be skinny. My stomach has never been completely flat, my thighs have never sported a gap between them, my cheeks have never been [...]

How To: Maintain a Healthy Relationship in College

Maintaining a relationship in college can seem like a struggle when you’re doing school work, working a job, and getting involved with extracurriculars. Relationships happen when you least expect them! Attending a talk on campus or taking part in a community service day can help you meet somewhere outside of your usual circle. I have [...]

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Get Smart about Super Hero Posture

What do the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the Flash all have in common? Besides being a part of the Justice League of America, of course. They all have the "Super Hero Posture."  In my experience, boys tend to gravitate to the mainstream super heroes for that very reason.  They are also fearless, [...]

Get Smart about Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Whether they’re your parents, significant others, the first friends you made in kindergarten or the ones you just met in class this semester, the relationships you keep effect you more than you think. We’ve all experienced the stress caused by a toxic friend, or as I like to call them, the “frenemies.” Do you remember [...]

Juan Problemo: R-E-S-P-E-C-T from the #getsmart crew

Yes, I watch the Bachelor. Ok, ok, you can go ahead and laugh, but I do! I watch the bachelor because I am a lifelong PEOPLE WATCHER! People's behavior just fascinates me-- in groups, when it comes to love, even if its totally prompted by Chris Harrison and a band of producers. I also don't [...]