Give to Get Smart From Meg Nieslanik

Meg Nieslanik, 24, NYU Graduate Student Contrary to what this video might suggest, I don’t often find myself dressed as a Dino-Ballerina-Singer/Songwriter. However, when its comes to advocating for a good cause, I bring out all the tools in my repertoire. My experience at Get Smart has been more than a launching pad for YouTube [...]

Give to Get Smart from Liz Barry

Liz Barry, 20 years old, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. One of my fondest members was during our first Oovoo chat and when Steph (our fearless leader) told us how we had women from all over the globe on our call, whether if it was India, Japan, New Jersey, or Washington D.C., we [...]

The World is Your Oyster!

The future is a subject which everyone dreads being asked about. Whether in high school entering college or college entering the ‘real world,’ the future can be a nerve-wracking thought for anyone. Being a graduating senior, I have been going through this process myself and my friends have been telling me that I am not [...]

Life after Graduation

I’m graduating college… now what? Say yes to higher education: Why not go back to graduate school? It’s said that on average, those who receive their Master’s degree earn up to 30% more than those who don’t. I know the idea of going back to school when you’ve just finished a tumultuous four years of your [...]

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The Power of Forgiveness

This past Thursday I went to a lecture put on by my university with guest speaker Immaculee Ilibagizia. Immaculee was a college student when the Rwandan genocide started in her home country. She sought out shelter by hiding in a 4x3 bathroom, of a Hutu pastor in her village, with seven other women. During the [...]

Finals Frenzy

Finals week haunts every student's mind, especially as it comes closer. Once May hits, so does all of the work, and end-of-year parties or events. There is usually a lot of school work that students push off while looking forward to formals, proms, and vacation. By putting off all the work, students can become more [...]

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Eight Simple Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

In today's fast moving world, we barely have any time to stop and breathe. We're constantly on the run to achieve our goals. And in the process, might even forget to take care of ourselves or look after ourselves like we should. I, sometimes, end up skipping meals and workouts and giving up on sleep [...]

Your Family vs. Your Dreams: Seven Questions You Need to Ask

Perhaps it’s about career choices: maybe you want to pursue an entrepreneurial or creative career, or don’t want to attend university. Or it could be about relationships: you might want to get engaged, or to contact your birth parents. Or possibly it’s down to lifestyle choices: perhaps you want tattoos and piercings, or you plan [...]

Should You Be Thinking About a Gap Year?

Gap years: an enriching way to open your mind, or a hedonistic way to waste your time and money? Their divided reputation makes deciding whether to take one a difficult decision. The truth is that a gap year can be either of these stereotypes. Which one it ends up being depends on you. There are [...]

Technology Takeover: How to Make Summer More Enjoyable

As I grow older, I notice that technology has become a much bigger presence than it ever was when I was growing up. Now, children at younger ages are more addicted to technology, and would rather be inside on an iPad instead of being active. Try to go a day or more without your phones [...]