NicoleWhen I was younger, I would picture my future to parallel the Disney princesses’. I would meet my Prince Charming in a magical, romantic way and fall madly in love. We would live in a beautiful home surrounded by the classic white picket fence with a huge backyard for our kids and dogs to play. My life would be filled with love, laughter and the stereotypical picture-perfect happily ever after. How could we not believe that everyone gets a happy ever after when Disney has instilled this idea in our minds at such a young age?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, life is complicated and messy. There are many more bumps in the road that Disney does not touch upon when illustrating the road to your “fairytale” ending. Realistically, your main focus is not finding a guy who can sweep you off your feet. You need to think of YOUR career path, location of YOUR home, YOUR finances, YOUR goals, YOUR relationships, YOUR friendship, and overall YOUR happiness. This is your life; live it the way you want to remember it.

Guides to Happiness

  1. If you don’t have the significant other you so desperately want, stop looking. Finding a Prince Charming is equally as hard as getting into Harvard.  It will happen when you stop searching and least expect it.
  2. If you are not satisfied with your job, quit and search for something that makes you genuinely happy. Do something you love and that you are passionate about.
  3. If you are not where you thought you would be financially, it’s okay; not everyone can be a millionaire. Live within the means of what you have and save some for later. Do not let your finances determine your happiness.
  4. If you are in a toxic and unhealthy relationship, get out. You deserve loving, supportive, healthy relationships that enable you to grow.
  5. If you are not where you thought you would be in life, realize everyone is different and has their own individual path. Everything happens for a reason and it will all be ok.
  6. If you expect too much, you will always be disappointed. Lower your expectations so that you can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed.

Life is never as easy and as perfect as the movies let on but, because of this, you can learn so much more. Success and happiness do not get magically served on a silver platter. It takes you to make the magic happen. Fairytales are subjective; everyone has their own happily ever after. Focus on your well-being and do not compare yourself to others.

Put the Pieces Together

Glass SlipperLife is like a puzzle. Putting the pieces together can take time and be difficult to get through, but in the end, it displays a beautiful picture that was worth the effort. Your fairytale ending should be modified to your own personal wants and desires. Do not let society pressure you to. It’s okay for your life to not go according to plan. Don’t force the glass slipper to fit; follow your own path and destiny. A princess lifestyle is not the ultimate prize; YOU ARE. Have confidence in yourself and the decisions you make.

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