devinI believe that we all should take full advantage of all activities our colleges and universities have to offer. Beginning college gives you a fresh start. There are endless opportunities to find places you can fit into. Extracurricular activities are great to use as an escape from the piles of homework that may be collecting on your desk. Here are some clubs and organizations that every school offers that can assist you in getting involved on campus:


1. Clubs in your Department: In every academic department, there are clubs specific to that field. These clubs are meant for students to apply their knowledge gained in the classroom to the outside world. These clubs are also great, because the advisors are your teachers! This allows you to get to know your professors outside of a regular classroom environment.

sorority road sign illustration design2. Greek Life: Sororities and fraternities are sometimes associated with a negative reputation, but don’t let this fool you. There are a bunch of men and women waiting for someone like you to come along and become a part of their family. It is exciting to learn secret rituals, to raise money for a specific philanthropic cause, and to spend all the time in between becoming closer to the other members. If you are thinking about going through the recruitment process, I would advise you to do so! That process is an eventful experience in itself.

3. Honor Societies: I have been involved in an honor society for the past year, and have loved every minute of it. These societies are generally on a volunteer basis and have a small cap on members. The cap for the honor society I am in, for example, is 25 members. If you want a very tight-knit group, these societies are for you.

4. Sports: Try out for the school’s football team, track team, volleyball team, or whatever team that interests you. In most schools, there is a team for every sport you can think of. My school even has a quidditch team! If you are not athletic, that’s okay too. I have fun dressing up for games and cheering on my friends.

5. Jobs on Campus: If you need some extra spending money, I suggest a job on campus. Jobs range from anywhere in the food courts to supplementary instructors or teacher’s assistants. Working may not seem like you are getting involved on campus, but you are! You have the ability to meet other employees, faculty, and customers/students. And don’t forget, you get paid.

I cannot stress how important it is to get involved. My extra-curricular activities have made my college experience worthwhile. Through trying different clubs, I have made life-long friends. There are many more organizations out there that I was not able to list… or this article would go on forever! Look out for emails for club meetings or club fairs on campus. Also, the first club meeting or sport tryout you attend may not be what you originally thought. Go ahead and try a different one! Try as many as possible until you find the right one for you.

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