Nicole1.jpgIn the midst of college applications, standardized testing and finishing high school, numerous people used to nag me with questions like “Have you picked a major for college?” and “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?” It seemed overwhelming…making a life-changing decision at such a young age.  I felt lost and pressured into making a decision that may not lead me down the right path. So for all those students out there having trouble picking a college major or re-examining their choice, I have a few tips!

Choose what interests you

Your major could determine the rest of your life. Choose something you won’t get bored doing, or even worse, you don’t feel unhappy doing. If you are the type of person that School subject foldersdreads working out of an office cubical, find a major that keeps you on your feet! It all comes down to doing what you love.

In school, choose subjects that interest you academically and you enjoy learning. Seewhat majors are available and what classes are required for those majors. If you dread math, then stay away from the majors that require a lot of math-based credits. If you are disinterested in your schoolwork, pursuing a career with that major will be difficult and not very exciting.

Don’t feel pressured to Choose a Major Right Away

I know some colleges ask you to choose a major when you submit your application, but rushing to make a decision may blind you from all of your options. Going in undecided is completely okay, if you aren’t ready to make a decision.

Don’t Base your Decision on Superficial Qualities

Everyone wants to be in a career that has a high paying salary, great benefits and doesn’t require extraneous work. But by choosing a major that you think will lead you to a job with those qualities, you could miss out on some pretty cool opportunities. This is a crucial time in your life to grow as a young adult and decide who you want to be. I’ve found that success is not necessarily measured in money, but happiness is found in doing what you love! Hard work and happiness get you just as far or farther in life.

Talk to a Professional in the Field

Talking to someone in the field you are interesting in pursuing is definitely comforting and helpful, especially if you are having second thoughts. You could even shadow a person of that profession for a day. It is helpful to see and feel what your future may be like.

Even seek out the advice of someone who is currently majoring in a topic that interests you. Hear their point of view and ask for the pros and cons they have come across on their own journey. Get a full idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Change is Okay

Once you do make a decision, be open-minded to the thought of change. The major you choose may not end up being well suited for you after all, or you may find that your calling is elsewhere. It all comes down to doing what makes you happy and what makes you grow closer to the person you want to be.

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