A Photo Journal of Summer Lessons

AmandaCINT.jpgIn the true spirit of a Get Smart girl, I’ve been having an absolutely incredible summer. In addition to interning for Get Smart, I’ve been doing undergraduate research at my college during the week and enjoying everything Vermont summers have to offer on the weekends. My weekdays have been filled with creativity and discovery, and my weekends have been filled with farmer’s markets, hikes, berry picking, beach days, and breath-taking sunsets over Lake Champlain. I’ve heard that a picture says a thousand words, and I’ve decided to share my summer, and the lessons I’ve learned, through some pictures I’ve taken along the way.

Under a Microscope


This is my summer research organism under a microscope. This tiny little guy has been the cause of many headaches and victories over the past eight weeks. Through my summer research, I’ve learned how to plan ahead and how to be patient.  I’ve explored the creative part of my brain, and learned how to be proud of and passionate about something at which I’ve been working hard. Although it may lack in size, my new favorite organism has taught me big lessons this summer.

Breathtaking Sunsets


Living in Vermont in the summertime means you take a lot of sunset pictures. This shot over Lake Champlain is my favorite. I love going to school in such a beautiful place, but sometimes I get so caught up in my schoolwork, job, and other activities that I forget to appreciate the beauty around me. I forget that I have an incredible view of the mountains right outside my window. I forget to appreciate the sunset on my way home from class. The lesson that goes along with this picture is a simple one: don’t get so caught up in life that you forget to stop and admire the beauty that’s always surrounding you.

A Worthwhile Journey


A few weekends ago, some friends and I climbed one of Vermont’s more difficult hiking mountains, Camel’s Hump. I say climbed because at a few points during the hike, we were literally on our hands and knees climbing up the side of this mountain. It was a pretty brutal hike, and I remember basically hyperventilating and muttering about how I felt like we were actually climbing Mt. Everest and not Camel’s Hump. I also recall seriously contemplating turning around a few times during the hike. This picture was taken when we came across a beautiful waterfall on the side of the mountain. I enjoy being adventurous, so a few of us made the steep climb up. Climbing up was absolutely horrifying, but I was so proud of myself once I got there.

Three hours later, we finally reached the top of the mountain, and I realized why people make this brutal climb so often….you can’t beat the view in the picture below. That reminds me of another lesson: when you’re hiking up a mountain, and can’t remember why you’re doing it, hold onto that image of what’s at the top. Because it’s better than anything you can imagine.


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