caitlinIt’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that it becomes easy to forget what the season is all about: giving. Not just giving the perfect toy to a child, the best perfume to mom or the nicest tie to grandpa, but really taking time to figure out what causes are important to you and donating what you can to lend a hand. There are thousands of local businesses and charitable organizations that need all the support they can get from the community, and this is your chance to help out! December 2nd marks the fourth annual Giving Tuesday. This campaign was founded with the hope that people would become inspired to give aid to important nonprofits, corporations and foundations in local communities. This day encourages people to not only raise awareness and donate their time for their favorite causes and organizations, but also to donate what they can fiscally.

I know for many families, the holiday season is a time where we all frantically search where we can find the best deals to obtain gifts or personal gifts (guilty) at a fraction of the normal cost. However, in our nation, in our state and in our own neighborhoods there are members of our community who do not have this luxury. They do not have the expendable income to spend on frivolous items they do not need. These are people who are really in need. I know volunteers at soup kitchens and other locations become popular this season but there is still more that we can do.

GivingTuesinternsGet Smart Mentoring has provided me with a platform to share my voice. Through this voice, it is with great pleasure that I can fully acknowledge Giving Tuesday and all of the good that is has done for not only my local community, but also across the nation. I have been lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to share my experiences through Get Smart to hopefully reach young women and girls to let them know that they are not alone in their experiences. I am by no means a professional, but I do believe that women can become empowered by coming together and finding common ground through communication. Get Smart provides an opportunity for young women to come together to share their life stories and journeys thus far. When I shared my experience regarding my anxiety, I had many friends and acquaintances reach out to tell me that they have had similar experiences and that my words made them want to talk about it. I don’t know that I would call myself a traditional mentor, but I do know that Get Smart offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for young women of all ages to talk about issues that matter most to them.

Why should YOU help out Get Smart Mentoring this Giving Tuesday?

  1. Get Smart loves girls. I think we can all agree that girls are amazing. We are at a turning point in which girls’ voices are breaking through the cacophony and have the potential to create a real movement. Allow these voices to be heard.
  2. Money helps implement programs. Unfortunately, sometimes, a little hard work isn’t enough. We need money to support community programs to ensure that there is enough funding to allow these programs to flourish. It is essential to provide young women with the tools they need to become as successful as they can possibly be.
  3. Women and girls matter. Plain and simple. These funds allow Get Smart Mentoring to reach out to surrounding communities to work with young women and girls so they realize their potential. Amazing things happen in this world when women are involved and it would be a travesty to silence an organization whose primary goal is to help young women succeed.

My challenge to you: Donate what you can. If this means ten dollars, great. If that means five dollars, super! Each and every dollar counts and is appreciated more than words can say. Click here to donate to Get Smart Mentoring today!

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