diandraWithout “giving,” the word “thanksgiving” would not be complete. With all of the great deals offered on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a lot of people seem to forget that Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what we already have.

Enter #GivingTuesday: a day where you can give to your preferred organization or charity to celebrate generosity. This is a day where you can give back to the community instead of buying that new pair of high heels or that discounted handbag. As Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, you might be wondering which organization to donate to. Well, that’s where Get Smart Mentoring comes into play!

GivingTuesinternsWhat is Get Smart Mentoring?

Get Smart mentors young girls on how to become awesome leaders, role models and overall great people in their communities. This is the kind of program that I wish existed when I was younger: a program where I had someone to guide me throughout the tumultuous time of growing, someone who I could look up to, and someone who I could talk to about my problems. With the chance to gain mentors through Get Smart, young women have the chance to grow to be better and stronger versions of themselves.

I know Get Smart is an awesome organization because, as an intern, I have experienced how the organization can make a difference. I am very impressed with the dedication and passion of the Get Smart team members; they actually want to make a difference. My time as an intern has been amazing; it is so wonderful to meet women who actually care and support each other.


With so many organizations to donate to, I would love to personally encourage everyone to donate to Get Smart for Giving Tuesday. Why? Here are my top three reasons:

  1. We empower future leaders – Young women today will be the next generation to lead this world tomorrow. By mentoring them early on, we can empower girls to become confident leaders that are ready to take challenges and make things happen.
  2. We have an amazing internship program – Get Smart’s internship program helps young women build their resume, learn how to develop marketable skills and gain career coaching opportunities from the founder! As an intern, I always look forward to the bi-weekly calls because I receive positive encouragement from all over the country.
  3. We have plans to expand – Right now, Get Smart Mentoring is a growing non-profit that covers the New York and New Jersey areas. However, we have plans to expand to other states and even nationwide! This is a golden opportunity for young girls to gain the mentorship the yearn for.

Now what?

Excited? Can’t wait to give? Want to tell all of your Facebook friends about how awesome Get Smart is?

I have created a giving challenge for this upcoming Giving Tuesday: Count the number of things you are grateful for, and for every one thing you mention, it is worth 50 cents. This challenge is all about realizing that you can appreciate everything you have in life just a bit more by giving back to the community. Count all your blessings and realize that there are so many things in you life to be cherished. Click here to make your Giving Tuesday donation to Get Smart Mentoring!

With that said, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Who is Get Smart? Here is our story and what we do!

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