Each year, people gather with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving with good food, drinks, and quality time. The next day, many head out to the stores for some Black Friday shopping. Recently, online sales for Cyber Monday have become a popular part of the holiday as well. Now, Giving Tuesday is working its way into the family. Giving Tuesday happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and is the day when you can give back to your community through donations of money, time, or skill.


Why Mentoring?

Get Smart Mentoring is an awesome nonprofit organization that helps mentor young girls by guiding them through the tough years and helping to mold them into the strongest, most brilliant women they can be. As an intern of Get Smart, I see how we can actually make a difference in the lives of young girls and women through mentoring. When I was in high school, my mentor was my guidance counselor, Ms. Dinicola. High school was an interesting time in my life and I experienced so many different events and emotions in such a short period of time. I stopped into her office almost every day just to talk. I would explain my problems or what was bothering me that day, and she would just listen to me. Sometimes she would also tell me a story about herself that would relate to what I was going through. She would teach me different ways to cope with my stress and always made me feel like I was never alone in whatever I was going through. Having someone to look up to and guide me through those years honestly helped me become who I am today. I’m so grateful that I had such a wonderful mentor who believed in me and pushed me to be the best version of myself.


Why Get Smart?

Get Smart Mentoring has the same energy of belief and confidence. All the other girls I work with are smart and strong and we all empower each other. Choosing an organization to donate to can be tricky; so why donate to Get Smart Mentoring? First, this organization is something that is beneficial to many, especially young girls. We aim to make a positive difference in their life and who they become. Next, Get Smart is an incredible group of young women. Everyone on this team, both existing members as well as my fellow newbies have been nothing but welcoming and supportive and I would love it if I could help this team grow even more. Lastly, I want to help spread the word and expand this organization so others can experience the benefits of both being, as well as having, a mentor.

We want to spread our positivity with as many people as we can. Get Smart can make that possible but we need your help! Contributions of any amount would help and be greatly appreciated! Please, help us spread our message and awareness of this incredible organization on this Giving Tuesday. We are issuing a $10 Challenge to anyone who wants to make a difference. Thank you!