ErinSo your friends are planning yet another trip to Las Vegas or some other party destination…but you’d rather have an adventure. You dream of going on safari in Tanzania, backpacking through Slovenia, or road tripping Route 66.  Let’s face it—a pub crawl is never going satisfy your craving for new and exciting experiences. You have to break from the masses and go in a different direction. And that’s okay!

Go Solo

If, like most, you have endured a lifetime of listening to reasons why women should travel in groups at all times, you have probably developed a pattern of postponing your dream vacation and settling for safe alternatives approved by your travel buddy. This stops today. Now is the time to stop compromising, pack your bags, and go solo.

Although the prospect of going it alone in the great unknown comes with real safety concerns, you are probably not as fragile as you think you are, and you shouldn’t let fear stop you from having the time of your life. The benefits of learning to trust your instincts and experience something new definitely outweigh the risks.

Top Reasons to Plan Your Dream Trip Alone

So muzzle the naysayers and dust off your fantasy itinerary. Here are the top five reasons you should plan that dream adventure and go it alone.Carretera y paisaje.Viajes por carretera

  1. Go Where You Want to Go – Solo travelers have the freedom to do what they want to do whenever they want to do it. This is your opportunity to make your adventure into whatever experience you want it to be and live out your wildest dreams without having to wait for a cosigner to approve the itinerary. Indulge.
  2. Meet the Challenge – Being alone in an unfamiliar place is challenging, but that’s part of the fun. The solo traveler is completely self-reliant and has to be resourceful in a way that he/she doesn’t have to be at home. As soon as you open your mind and just take in the experience, you’ll discover survival skills that you never thought you had.
  3. Learn Something New – Going where nobody knows your name gives you the opportunity to learn about the place, the culture and the people around you.  Meet new people. Learn something new. Soak it all in.
  4. Change  Your Mind – Traveling solo gives you room for exploration and self-reflection without the distraction of trying to fit in with the crowd. Expanding your perspective and broadening your experiences will help you see the world and your life in a new light.
  5. Rediscover Confidence – If you can thrive on a solo adventure, you can thrive almost anywhere. Armed with renewed confidence in your abilities and a new outlook on life, you can take on whatever challenges are thrown your way.

Ok, now…Let’s go!

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