Nicole“Do the dishes Cinderelly, vacuum the floor Cinderelly.”

Living in my own apartment has made me realize that I am Cinderella. All I do is cook and clean. Unlike my roommates, this is my first time living completely on my own. I have never had this much responsibility in my life. Did I ever think doing the dishes and building my own desk would be an activity in my planner? No way. Cooking my meals, fixing appliances and taking out the trash are all a permanent part of my after-school routine along with my homework. It is like I’m a real housewife of College Park. Is this what the future holds for me…a life of housework?

As overwhelming as it is to balance all of the cleaning plus schoolwork, I love it. I do not feel like a college student anymore, I feel like I am starting to be a grown up. Living in an apartment is like a taste of the real world. This semester has taught me a lot about myself and given me ample amounts of independence. I have the opportunity to make all of my own choices on how I want to live my life. People tend to fight independence because it is scary but I say embrace it because it can be very empowering. With more of responsibilities, I have learned to use my time wisely, organize myself and make schedules. It is natural to be overwhelmed, but it’s important to  slowly ease into it.

Living in an apartment has exposed me to opportunities that I would have never experienced in a dorm…like using a power drill to make my desk. Who knew that desks do not come assembled when you purchase them? I surely did not. When using the power drill, did I drill the screws in crooked the first time? Of course! But when I do work at my desk I have this sense of accomplishment that I made it, no one else.

silhouette of Cinderella wearing her glass slipper

After living in an apartment for a month, I have realized we all have to be Cinderella; she is truly a great role model. Not only does Cinderella work like a dog and obediently do anything her stepmother asks, but she does it with a smile on her face. She has an amazing, diligent work ethic and does everything that is asked of her with no complaints. Everyone has things we do not want to do. Personally, cleaning has never been my favorite activity. But I have to do it or else I would live in a pigsty. You have to be your own self-motivator just like Cinderella. It’s not always what you do but how you do it. Find the fun in the activities you are doing or make them fun. I love to listen to music, so when I do some cleaning or cooking, I tend to jam out to my techno playlists.

Things will not be cleaned or fixed on their own; you have to go out and do them yourself. A part of being independent is taking the initiative on activities. Having this newfound independence has helped me grow into a much stronger person. It feels refreshing to accomplish activities yourself. Sometimes you need a little push to try something different, so please let this push you to new independence and let your true Cinderella sparkle!

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